28 February 2011


I had a ritual planned.
Elaborate, beautiful, formality suiting the depth of my feelings for you.
Candles, ritual words, my hands on your body gentle and harsh and cruel and tender.

But when you came home, like a child unable to hide the sweets from herself, I sent you to find it. When you returned, stainless steel links in hand and looking a little dazed, I could only grin in delight.

I had meant to be stern, formal, but found myself instead laughing like a child.

The links shining in your hand, bright rings of stainless steel twisting, designed especially for you and woven in an intricate and beautiful pattern by my sister.


Love and joy reflected in your eyes like candle flames.


The soft grunt as you knelt before me, my hand warm on your throat.


The clasp closing, silver-bright steel against your golden skin.


Your hands on my skin, slowly removing my clothing piece by piece, the disrobing its own pleasure.


Your skin against my skin, your body inside of mine, my hand wrapped around your collar.


After, we simply held one another, skin to skin, heart to heart, breath to breath.


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