27 May 2010

Missing you

I am gone from you, and it grieves me. I miss you, all of the many facets of you.
I miss curling up and watching a chick flick,my fingers softly stroking your cheek while you blush and hide your face.
I miss your arms around me, tight when I am sad and insecure, your voice calm and strong and soothing.
I miss your cocky grin, half smirk and half pure lust.
I miss your voice soft and halting, as you curl into me.
I miss your hands obsessively refolding.
I miss your smile, evil and a little deranged, as your fingers dig into my sore spots.
I miss your rambling about computers.
I miss you spread beneath me, panting and moaning.

I miss you.
All of you.

More than you know.

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