18 August 2009


I had a fantasy about him. About inviting him by the house, preparing a cup of tea with an extra ingredient- Flunitrazepam, known in common parlance as “a roofie”.

It’s odorless, tasteless, and dissolves in liquid… and since my chai tea is, as Jack puts it, “black as night and sweet as sin,” it would never be noticed. They’re not easy to get here, in the US- flunitrazepam was never approved by the FDA, but it’s widely prescribed and distributed in Mexico, Columbia, and Europe. Not easy, but not that hard to find, if one has resources.

Flunitrazepam takes 15-20 minutes to start showing an effect, so its use requires careful timing. Overdoses can cause coma and even death, but he’s not a small boy so I wasn’t too worried. Long-term use can create physical and psychological dependence, but I only need it once. It takes up to 26 hours to wear off, and he has a clean metabolism, so I planned for him to be out for between 20 and 30 hours.

I had a fantasy about him. About the way that his speech would get a little slurred, his eyes heavy, until eventually he slumped over onto my couch, asleep. About moving him to a prepared place, letting him sleep for most of a day while I prepared, and then letting him wake.

Oh, the scene in my mind was beautiful: a dimly lit room where he wakes slowly, feeling hung-over. It takes a few moments for him to realize that he is stripped naked, and tied lengthwise over a large padded horse, at just the right height for my cock… his head is dropped limply forward, and it his jaw is already getting sore from the large ring gag I forced into his mouth while he slept. He wakes, slowly, confused and head-sore, and lifts his head- a useless gesture given that he’s blindfolded. I’ve been watching for this moment, and my cock is in his mouth before he realizes that someone is there. Oh, his struggling is sweet! He is pulling back and fighting the cuffs, but I’ve prepared well- they are all reinforced, and even his strength isn’t enough to free himself. I know that he’s panicking, know that he’s terrified, confused… and aroused. Forced oral is a turn-on, and he’s been conditioned to love it… not that he has any choice at the moment, his mouth forced open for me and his body held tightly by leather and steel.

I’m fucking his mouth now, my cock in his throat, and he’s gagging and there are tears running down his eyes. I want to grab his hair and force him down harder, but I’ve been careful to ensure that he cannot tell that it’s me- freshly showered and scented with a new cologne, fresh clothes, washed in a different, scented detergent. His sense of height is distorted by the blindfold and the horse…but I know that if I touch him, if I tangle my hands in his hair, then he will know my touch.

And that’s no fun… I want to ensure that he is as frightened as possible, that he is as disoriented, confused, and aroused as possible.

I had a fantasy about him.

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