18 August 2009

First day

Today is my first day back in class in much too long a time. I am taking 18 credit hours this semester, and I'm thrilled with it.
But for now, on the first day, I'm bored to tears by the usual introductory speeches. I'm supposed to be engaging my brain, thinking about how to look at the world sociologically, and pull myself back to see the big picture.

What I'm thinking about, instead, is Jack. I'm thinking about the taste of his skin on our bedsheets. I'm thinking about the curve of his ass when he sleeps on his stomach, about the feel of it beneath my hand when I run my palm over his body. I'm thinking about the scent of his mouth on mine, and the way that his fingers clench on my skin when we kiss. I'm thinking about the press of his body against mine and the taste of his sweat as he moves inside of me.
I'm thinking about the feeling of his skin beneath my nails as my body spasms around him, about the curve of his body against mine when I spoon him- the warmth of him against my abdomen and groin. I'm thinking about the taste of his lips, like sweet and spicy tea, and the way that they give beneath my teeth.

I'm thinking about the man who will be my lover, when all others are gone.

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