14 October 2010

To be continued

He looked at me with his eyes wide, his lips making that cute little 'O' of surprise.
'But I thought you were still mad at me and didn't want sex?'
I smiled, or at least I bared my teeth. Sometimes, he can't tell the difference.
'I've changed my mind... sort of.'
That was when the first nervousness entered his eyes. The first vague concern, not quite real fear yet. 'So...'
'Shut up, bitch,' I cut him off.
He started a little and fell silent, his eyes getting wider. I'm usually extremely lenient, to the point of spoiling him. This tone, this attitude, was new.
'Get on your goddamned knees, boy,' I told him, and smiled inside as he scrambled to obey, wondering exactly what he'd gotten himself into.
I unzipped my jeans, freeing my cock- 8" of beautiful opalescent silicone- and smiled when he licked his lips.
I love owning whores.
'Suck me, slut.'
I didn't need to say anything else, he was already leaning forward, licking his lips and wrapping his hot little mouth around me. God he's pretty like this! His full lips wrapped around my cock, his whole body arching into every pull of his mouth and throat.
I stroke his head lightly, drawing his attention with the unexpectedly gentle touch. 'Make sure you get it good and wet, baby, because it's the only lube you're getting tonight.'
I watch his eyes widen and feel something like contentment as his efforts at swallowing me redouble.
Such a pretty little whore.

Abruptly, I'm done with it, done with being sucked, and all I want is to fuck him- deep and hard and fast until he whimper and squeals and begs because it's too much.... because it will be.

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