10 January 2010

The First Law is not to obey

Have you ever read the Anne Bishop, "The Realms of the Blood" books?

If you're a dominant woman, or a submissive man, then I suggest that you do.

You see, maybe you're different from me, dear reader. But that's what I want.
I want a submissive who understands what this passage means:

"The first law is not to obey. The first law is to honor, cherish, and protect. The second law is to serve, and the third law is to obey."
"What if the third interferes with the first two?"
"Then you throw it out the window"
-Lucivar to Daemon, "Queen of the Darkness," by Anne Bishop
I want a submissive who understands that sometimes service means saying, "I respectfully refuse to let you push yourself too hard/make yourself sick/do something stupid."

There's a wonderful line in one of the "Realms of the Blood," books, which I will paraphrase rather than looking up:
"The Queens protect us. That's why sometimes we have to protect them- especially from themselves."

What I want- and what I need- is someone who can understand what that line means.

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  1. I love those books. I relate to them nearly as much as I relate to Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel series. Although I am female, I relate more to the males in the Black Jewels books... their desire, almost need, to serve.

    I had a Queen of sorts... and I have told her (although she is not technically in that role anymore) that she needs to take it easy, or go to bed instead of continuing to work.

    Service is not only pleasing one's Dom(me). It is doing what is best for one's Dom(me). Often, what's best for them is what they order you to do. What will make them happy. A submissive's, or especially a slave's, Dominant is in control of every aspect of his or her life. They protect their sub from harm, and they often protect their sub from themselves. Many slaves that I have had encounters with are lost without their Dominant. A sick or injured Dominant means that somewhere, a submissive is worried to the point of illness, sacrificing and ignoring everything to care for their Dom(me).

    Sometimes...often, actually... a sub needs to protect a Dom(me) because no one, even the Dom(me), believes that they need help. A submissive should know, deeper than anything, that their Dom(me) is not infallible.


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