14 December 2009

The Whys and Wherefores

"Do you know why I'm doing this?" I ask him.

His eyes are huge, brilliant green, and locked onto my face as she shakes his head a little, whispering hoarsely, "No, Mistress."

I smile. He cringes when I smile like this. He hasn't known me long,but he already cringes when I smile at him tenderly.
He's a fast learner, my little Diablo.
But he hasn't learned this quite yet. He is accustomed to photo shoots, pretty lights and photogenic welts.
I'm not photogenic- I tried modeling once, but I hated every moment of it. I don't care what I look like when I'm hitting you. I just want to see the fear in your eyes.
But the fear is already there crinkling the skin around his eyes, so I decide to be nice and explain it to him.

I lift the little evil stick- a replacement for the one I bought last year at SouthEast LeatherFest which mysteriously disappeared after using it on someone who hated it- and his eyes widen even more. It's interesting, I didn't know he could manage that- it's rather amusing, so I tap him lightly on the nose with it, enjoying his cringing.
"I'm doing it because I want to, boy."
Another tap, another flinch.
"I'm hurting you because I think it's fun."
The next tap is to his balls, drawn up tight in arousal, and he keens a little in terror.
"I'm going to do awful things to you because I like the way your eyes get all wide and scared.
Another tap, another keening sound.
"I don't have a camera. I don't care what this looks like for the website or for any other fucking reason."
A harder tap, a high-pitched keen.
"I'm doing this because I'm just a little bit of a sociopath, and you're the stupid little whore who let me tie him up and hurt him."

His eyes are beautiful- wide and terrified and just beginning to understand....

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