21 November 2009

Good morning, beautiful

It is morning, in your bed and sunshine is streaming in through the window. I can only think blearily that it was supposed to rain today...

You are wrapped around me, a clinging liana vine boy, your naked body pressed tightly to mine. I free my arm slowly and stroke your hair while you blink at me in sleepy confusion. Are we waking up? Am I just petting you?

Good morning, beautiful
How was your night?
Mine was wonderful with you by my side...

I cannot help it, love for you is swelling up in me, and I pull you in closer to me, draw your heavy head to my breast and lay it there while you wrap yourself around my supine warmth. Your fingers are stroking my neck, your toes moving along my bare legs, and we are warm and soft and drowsily aroused together.

When I open up my eyes and see your sweet face
It's a good morning, beautiful, day...

This.... this is what I love, you wrapped around me: your warmth sinking into me, fingers brushing the little hairs on my arms and your cock drowsily aroused against my hip as your lips press into my neck from habit as much as desire.

Good morning, beautiful


  1. I could have written this myself! I love those warm and sleepy limb-wrapped moments, and I also call my boy 'beautiful', just like this, 'good morning, beautiful' *swoon*.

    You captured it perfectly, just lovely - thank you!


  2. *Happy sigh*... Good Morning Beautiful...
    Yes, Yes you are..


  3. What a wonderful way to wake up! Thank you for a great post. Loved it!


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