09 April 2009

Kinesio Tape HNT

Ok, so evidently I don't know how to walk. I bounce up on my heels with ridiculously long strides... a little like a horse, actually, which is funny since I learned to walk by holding on to my pony's mane. (Yes, I'm that much of a redneck)
So my amazing physical therapist has taped my legs to force my muscles to move the way they're supposed to. 
It's amusing and mildly humiliating, and I'm sharing the joy with you!
(Yes, the tape is outlined in purple sharpie, so this weekend I can keep putting it on myself and remember where it goes)


  1. I love finding HNTers that I didn't know anything about! Especially if they've got a few under their belt!

    You need to be stopping by my HNT and leaving a comment each week so that we all know you're out here. And you'll find a whole slew of new people!

  2. I agree! Wonderful stuff and happy to have found another great blog. And love all the jewelry! Happy HNT!

  3. Cute fashion accessory! :D


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